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Video Depositions

Our certified videographer provides video services with professional video and audio quality.

We can synchronize a video file with the court reporter’s transcript, delivering the synchronization in a standalone program or in a file format that plays in Sanction, Trial Director, and other industry programs. Synchronized depositions enable you to easily review testimony as well as create and export video clips that contain both the video and the relevant text. Making a video record of a deposition allows the jury or others involved in the case to see the demeanor of a witness in a way that cannot be conveyed on the printed page.

A compelling visual argument is the reason so many firms require video for every deposition ordered. There are many advantages to using a deposition videographer. For example, if a witness passes away or falls ill during a case, the attorney will have access to unambiguous visual recordings of his or her testimony. In some jurisdictions, an expert witness's testimony may be presented by video, even if that witness is available for in-person testimony.

Videographers can also be utilized to keep deponents honest, as video testimony can be used to impeach a witness who is caught committing perjury. If a witness makes unequivocally different statements in a courtroom from those made in the video, an attorney can show this discrepancy with greater impact on video than with a transcript. Lastly, litigants and attorneys tend to be more cooperative and less disruptive when they are conscious of a camera in the room, allowing your procedure to move faster, saving time and money.




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